They didn’t read the bill. But we will. Submit Your Amendment to STOP AHCA - 40k Needed.Share Your Story Online


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Choose a section of the bill and share how it affects you with the hashtag #ReadAHCA

The AHCA was rushed through the House so quickly that many representatives admitted that they had not taken the time to read the bill before voting for it.  It is unconscionable for our representatives to support a bill that affects a fifth of the U.S. economy and millions of Americans without reading it.

If they won’t do it, we will. Let’s read the bill for them and explain how the AHCA impacts American lives.

We hope you can participate in the project.

Help your representative read the AHCA by choosing a section of the bill that will impact your life or the life of a loved one.

  • Identify the section of the bill that most affects you and your loved ones (For example, Section 135)
  • Use your phone or other video recording device (or type/write it out if that's better for you) to
  • Tell your story, and
  • Read (or copy/paste into your writeup) the actual section of the bill.
  • Then post your video to Twitter, FaceBook (publicly) or YouTube with the hashtag #ReadAHCA and the relevant section (e.g. #AHCA135)
  • And then share it with your friends and family and ask them to help read the bill too!

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